We offer trainingcoaching, and consultancy services:


We offer training services and workshops throughout the year, at your workplace or at a location of your choosing.

Workplace Contact/Diversity Officer training

This  practical workshop will provide new and experienced Contact Officers with a comprehensive understanding of their role with an emphasis on increasing interpersonal and communication skills needed to be successful in this role.  The health and social implications for people experiencing bullying will be discussed as will the development of personal self-care strategies.

Anti-bullying training – workplace bullying for employees

This instructive and interactive workshop will provide employees with a comprehensive overview of workplace bullying. There is a strong emphasis on understanding the complexities of workplace bullying, being clear on employee rights and responsibilities, communication practices as well as, appropriate respectful workplace behaviour. Achievable practical tips and strategies will also be outlined including how to respond to inappropriate behaviour.

Anti-bullying training – workplace bullying for managers, team leaders & supervisors

This interactive workshop will provide managers and team leaders with a comprehensive overview of workplace bullying and conflict. The emphasis is on understanding, identifying and addressing risk factors. It also focuses on increasing interpersonal and communication skills; as well as, understanding the psycho-social implications of workplace bullying. It will equip managers and supervisors with practical skills and the ‘how to’ of managing conflict and moving toward building a respectful workplace culture.

Leadership Conflict training – workplace bullying prevention and best practice

Bullying is a major risk to businesses both economically and legally.  This workshop focuses on developing interpersonal skills to increase personal and organisational capacity around conflict competence.  It will equip managers and supervisors with practical skills using best practice and the ‘how to’ of creating positive workplaces and relationships that reduce and prevent workplace bullying. This is a ‘must’ for all tiers of management.

Strengths Deployment Inventory Communication training

The SDI communications training is a self-awareness inventory that looks at an individual’s motivational value style and explores what drives motivation in different situations (e.g., when someone is experiencing conflict).  Participants will gain a greater understanding of their communication style, their strengths and how they can use these positively when they or others are experiencing conflict.

SDI is particularly useful for:

  • creating and promoting greater understanding between work colleagues
  • becoming more effective in all communications
  • promoting positive respectful workplace relationships
  • reducing conflict


Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching will gives an understanding of how conflict works and increases personal efficacy to capably manage conflict. This coaching is particular useful for anyone who feels they do not currently respond effectively to conflict. Coaching will develop self-awareness around your own relationship to conflict (and the relationship of others in conflict with you).

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is particularly useful for newly promoted managers (or managers wanting to up-skill) to maximise their personal and professional potential to deal more effectively with conflict. Coaching is focused on the needs of each client and will identify areas needing development  such as: performance management, conducting tough conversations, dealing with conflict.

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching increases your personal capacity to achieve  goals and dreams through the development of self-awareness, personal skills, strategies and techniques. Excellent for anyone who is seeking personal change but unsure if they can do it on their own or for the person who is not sure how to achieve what they really want.


Workplace Bullying/Conflict Investigations and Response

The way a complaint of bullying is handled will either increase or decrease organisational capacity. Mishandling of  complaints creates more damage and increases the harm caused to the health and well-being of all employees. We use a root cause analysis  investigation process that looks at the organisational causal factors that lead to bullying and conflict.  Our approach ensures that all contributing factors are considered. Recommendations emphasise creating sustainable cultural change to prevent future incidents.

Workplace Conflict Consultancy

Taking a whole-of-organisation approach to conflict in your workplace aims to provide expertise on how best your organisation can prevent future conflict and increase long term organisational capacity.  We will work closely with your organisation to develop an organisational strategy to increase sustainable conflict competence.

Workplace Psycho-Social and Bullying Risk Analysis

This preventative approach will specifically examine situations, behaviours, processes or work practices that have the potential or are causing harm to people or the culture. The risk analysis approach is evaluated in terms of the likelihood and severity of the risks and will detail recommendations and measures to effectively prevent or manage hazards.

Workplace Bullying Policy and Procedure Audit

Assess the health integrity of your organisation. Ensure the organisation is compliant and up to date with the relevant regulatory state and federal laws.  This audit will review and examine all relevant policies related to workplace bullying and will make recommendations on how best to implement a framework that supports a respectful bully-free workplace culture.

Open Workshops

We realise every workplace is different and training needs may vary. We are experienced at customising workshops to suit your organisational needs using any of the above workshops as a guide.  Contact us to discuss.

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