Caroline’s work has been invaluable to organisations of all sizes in the government, NGO and private sectors. Below are a selection of quotes from organisations that have benefited from Caroline’s training, coaching and consultancy work:

quote Right from the start I was impressed with the friendly and experienced manner conveyed by Caroline in my dealings with her.  Caroline ran SDI Communications Workshops, Anti-bullying awareness sessions for employees and managers for our Australia wide employees and volunteers. In addition to this we have successfully used Caroline in one on one conversations with employees in the areas of communication and conflict end quote
Doug Strohfeld
National HR Manager
The Wilderness Society Inc

quote Caroline Dean came into our NGO workplace in a very difficult time with some very toxic personalities in the business.

The work undertaken by Caroline with several staff within the business restored harmony and productivity. Caroline provided one on one coaching for several staff within the business helping these people to better understand themselves, their personal communication styles and how they react in a conflict situation.

I would thoroughly recommend Caroline Dean and have noticed a significant difference in behaviors of those people that engaged in coaching with her. end quote

NGO Welfare sector

quote I attended a talk organised by Worksafe Tasmania on preventing workplace bullying and Ms Caroline Dean was one of the invited speakers.

Ms Dean is one of the most dynamic and impressive speakers I have had the good fortune to hear in a long time. There is no ‘death by power point’ here, just hard hitting facts, examples and strategies for tackling the problem.

Caroline not only knows her subject matter, inside out, but explains why bullying is such a serious issue not only in the workplace but in schools and in indeed wherever people gather and why organisations ignore it at their own peril.

Bullying is not only devastating for the target but also for their family and it may lead to anxiety, depression and in some cases suicide and by a process of attrition, good people leave, costing organisations vast amounts in lost productivity, loss of a good employee and increased recruitment costs. I would highly recommend Caroline Dean to any organisation interested in and committed to, tackling this very serious issue. end quote

Bernadette C. Ulbrich-Hooper LL.B; B. App. Science (Wine Science); Grad. Cert. in Legal Practice; Grad. Cert. of Education (TESOL); VN.
board member of Workskills Tasmania.

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